Remember Omaha

They climbed aboard with anxious hearts,

The madly sea-tossed landing-craft,

The sea-fog on the sad morn,

All but shrouded the pale dawn,

As if heaven dared not see,

The hound of hell that day set free.

Remember Omaha

They disembarked under hail of shot,

Spewing up- One did not know what-

Facing those cliffs with gunfire ablaze,

Waves bore broken bodies along,

The lenght of that encrimsoned strand,

Where death was given so free a hand.

Remember Omaha

They were no heroes,

Though all wer heroic,

In that eventfull day,

When mankind put al at stake,

It is an understatement to say,

That our liberty was dearly bought,

At the time of that first onslaught.

Remember Omaha

The foam is red,

All is now still, save for the breeze,

Tha carries back across the seas,

The souls of [Our] Sons,

Whilst the sun, now and then, warms

The twenty-year-olds who sleep today,

Facing the Sea of Normandie.

Remember Omaha.

Der erste Tag der Landung neigt sich nun dem Ende, der größte Teil, dieser höllischen Auseinandersetzung, ist am Omaha Beach erfolgreich eingenommen worden. Doch die Tausenden Verluste, nicht nur hier, sondern auch an den anderen Abschnitten, Sword, Utah, June und Gold, begleiten diesen enormen Erfolg auch heute noch.

Euer PB646

Omaha-Beach (Short Film)


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